Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First stop at the southeast

   Well I know alot about the southeast. The Southeast has many resources, here are some, oil, cash crops,peanuts,cotton,livestock,coal,rich soil, oranges, and more. the mississipi river flows down in to the southeast too. This place has lots of swamps, forests, And has a lot of shorline from the Atlantic Ocean.
 Alot of farmers and miners live in the southeast.

 One place I really want to go is florida my grandparents like to go 1 or 2 times a year. It has lots of forests, swamps, Aligators, and much more, and to me that stuff is really fun to research about.

One place I would reccomend is to go to florida like me or the learn about Cherokees, they are one of the big Indian Tribes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

west time

 Hey it's me, katie. This time instead of doing the midwest I'm doing the west. Ok lets start!
 well to start us off let me tell you some things I already know about the west. there are lots of mountains in the west. It's famous for its fruits thats where we get a lot of our fruit. sunny places/hot. part of california touches the pacific ocean. lots of flowers and fruits and stuff like that. beutiful scenery from  like mountains and the flowers are beutiful. I know that the gold rush happened there and thats how california became a state because all the people who came.
some quistions I would like to know is what really happened at the gold rush? Are all the places there sunny? why was the gold rush so important?
I would like to go to the gold rush because it was so important and it made california a state, but I'm still trying to figure out why is the gold rush so important. Also it sounded cool about people travling to the gold rush.
 If I were to reccomend a friend on were to go, it would like be california central valley if they like to see flowers and fruits and stuff like that but if they like history I would reccomend the gold rush because of the importance of it and stuff. Honestly I like both. Bye!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katie's first stop

  hey! my name is Katie and I would love to share what I know about the midwest. I spent a lot of time studying the midwest so I hope you learn new stuff. Ok, now lets start hope you enjoy my presentation.
What I already know is that the midwest has very good/rich soil for farming and planting. Thats why there are so many farmers. The grounds are very flat witch people call the plains. but It's not just flat and have plants and stuff, It has a lot of grass, rivers, and lakes.
 what  I would like to know is why is it such a good place for farming? why is farming so important?who where the first people?
If I wore to go to a place it would be Fort dearborn because it is a big part of history and is very interesting and lots of fights and history happened there.
  If I where to recommend a place for a friend to go it would  fort deerborn or a farm.