Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katie's first stop

  hey! my name is Katie and I would love to share what I know about the midwest. I spent a lot of time studying the midwest so I hope you learn new stuff. Ok, now lets start hope you enjoy my presentation.
What I already know is that the midwest has very good/rich soil for farming and planting. Thats why there are so many farmers. The grounds are very flat witch people call the plains. but It's not just flat and have plants and stuff, It has a lot of grass, rivers, and lakes.
 what  I would like to know is why is it such a good place for farming? why is farming so important?who where the first people?
If I wore to go to a place it would be Fort dearborn because it is a big part of history and is very interesting and lots of fights and history happened there.
  If I where to recommend a place for a friend to go it would  fort deerborn or a farm.


  1. Hey Katie! you rock! I hope you post more so we can read them! TTYL! Have a great rode trip!

  2. Good. You have a lot of questions! That's good because you could learn about a lot of things!